July 28, 2008

I'm exhausted.

Friday: Kayden's BFF spent the night. They were, of course, wild and having a blast. Around 10 p.m., I was exhausted and ready to go to bed. I dragged the air mattress to the living room, put on a movie and told them, "You can stay up as late as you want, but you need to keep the lights off, stay laying down, and be quiet."

I had to get up no less than five times to direct them to keep quiet. Finally at 2 a.m., I told them it was time for sleep. Aye aye aye.

Saturday: woke bright and early to get the boys ready for the company picnic. Picked up Kort (who was my date), went to Elitches (the amusement park). The boys went on a bunch of rides, we ate lunch, met up with Celeste (the mom of the BFF). Got to go on a couple rides with Daniel and Jason (who were Celeste's guests).

Around 3:00, it was time to take Kayden to his dad's. Kort had a couple extra tickets to Big Gig, so we brought Daniel and Jason to the concert with us.

It was fun, but SOOOOOOO hot. No shade anywhere. We saw Dropkick Murphys and Flobots and a couple bands I don't really know.

However, the boys were acting like little pouty bitches.

We left early and took them home. Then Kort came over to my house and we drank and watched Sex and the City and had a merry time.

Sunday: woke up, got Starbucks, went swimming. It was awesome. Daniel came over to do so swimming. We played pool frisbee which was awesome and consisted of us throwing the frisbee outside of the pool so Kort would have to climb out to get it (thereby flashing us her butt each time).

After swimming, lunch, and a nap, Kort left. Daniel and I hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, came back to my place, played video games, took a nap, ate a disgusting dinner, played some video games, watched a movie, and fell asleep.

Today I woke up so sunburnt and my muscles SO sore. But it was a fun weekend overall.

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