July 9, 2008

I need to over-analyze myself for a bit.

- I consider myself an overachiever, for the most part. Pretty much all of the guys I'm attracted to are underachievers or slackers.

- The only two guys I really like blew me off...hmmm...but I'm the "dumper" with all the rest.

- Traits or history that would normally make a girl wary (such as Daniel having been in prison, _______'s obvious drinking problem) don't bother me. However, give me a guy with a steady office job, a keen sense of responsibility, a tame past, and conventional hobbies...and I'm bored to tears (Bowers, Leland, countless other guys).

I don't think I'm necessarily "slumming" it or picking guys based on my own sense of self-worth. I'm sure there's some part of my past that makes me overlook some things and look for more "dangerous" traits.

A friend suggested internet dating as a way to meet higher-quality dudes. ::shudders:: I don't know about that. I went on chat for a while and all the guys just wanted to talk about sex. I met two guys in person because they seemed cute, fun, and could hold a conversation.

They both turned out to be freaks.

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