July 29, 2008

I just made an ass of myself.

Howard is our UPS guy. He's an older black guy with a great sense of humor. We joke around a lot, wave to each other on the street...I would consider us to be friends.

Anyhow, as he walked in, he said, "It looks like you got a bit of a burn." We talked about how sunburnt I am. Then we talked about how instead of tanning, I go back to being pale. He pointed at his own forehead and said, "You can see how well I tan." I replied, "It looks like you got a little burnt too!"

Now, what I MEANT was that he was looking a little red on HIS forehead too. Obviously, how it came out is my saying that his dark skin was just a deep sunburn. I was SO fucking embarrassed. I apologized, blushed, made a joke about sticking my foot in my mouth. However, he thought it was hilarious. He sat down in the lobby because he was laughing so hard.

Even so, I am so embarrassed.

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