July 10, 2008

I hate cats. I truly do.

1. They keep me up ALL night. If it's not because they keep jumping on me, it's because they getting into shit and making a bunch of noise.

2. They constantly want to cuddle. That's fine, but they want to cuddle with their claws or by drooling or by snuggling with the hand that is doing something (holding a phone, typing, etc). They can't just lay there.

3. They are messy. Yesterday, I had to clean up vomit. I had to also clean up the little trails of kitty litter that they bring with them. They're messy with their food.

4. They won't stop fighting. Seriously, it's LOUD. Dodo screams. She actually screams. It stops being funny when I'm trying to sleep.

However, this doesn't apply to Scar Cat. If he wants to lay with me at night, he just lays there like a dog. He doesn't move around or feel the need to "knead" my skin. He's about as cuddly as a rock. Or Kortney. Which is probably why she likes him so much. He doesn't make noise...just fucks with the other cats quietly. And that's fine. Do what you like...just shut the fuck up about it. And he keep his food down. What more could you ask for in a cat?

::throws kitties into river, snuggles with Scar Cat::

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