July 21, 2008

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but....

For our company picnics, we usually do drawings for prizes. They're pretty awesome prizes and about 15 are handed out overall.

But they decided this year to give EVERYONE a gift (to recognize everyone's efforts)...awesome, huh?!? I thought that was so cool!

I got the gift and it looks like a tool kit. Construction company and all...makes sense. And I would be so stoked because I actually love tool kits.

Instead, it's...

a barbecue set. Like, long wood-handled spatula and various implements that I have absolutely no use for in my wee, barbecue-grill-less apartment.

What I should have been thinking is "I'm surrounded by middle- to upper-class coworkers...of course they all have grills." ::sigh::

I do appreciate the gesture, however.

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