July 18, 2008

Have you noticed...

that there are certain people (women, usually) who just don't like when other people are single? These women usually have a boyfriend or husband, of course. And they're ALWAYS trying to set you up or trying to make something more out of your casual fling.

The reason I bring this up is that anytime I mention something about a guy (Daniel especially), there are several women in the office who immediately coo, "Ooh, this sounds serious!" "I think he really likes you...you'll be in a relationship soon." "Have you thought about getting into a relationship with him?" Etc. The latest is "Daniel's going to cook tonight? That means he really likes you!" I explained that whether that's true or not, he's also cooking for my friend and his brother. Let's not turn this into an intimate, romantic evening.

Um, I like being single, thankyouverymuch. Quit trying to turn my fling into a marriage waiting to happen.

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