July 17, 2008

Film on the Rocks: Labyrinth!

Here are a couple pictures from last night. Kort and I took Kayden and Zoe to see Labyrinth at Red Rocks.

Kayden. Had. A. Blast. Before the movie even started, he was asking when he can come back, when the next kids movie will be shown, etc. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any other kids movies being shown here. I don't think it's typical and they only showed Labyrinth because it's a cult classic. But I'll find something similar...maybe take him to a drive-in some night.

The only bad part of the night is when the teenagers behind us wouldn't stop talking loudly (and very crudely, saying stuff like "Bowie's gonna fuck her hard!"). Finally, I turned around and said, "Shut the fuck up!" They started to say something and I cut in, "No, seriously. Just shut the fuck up!" Kayden looked utterly shocked because I NEVER swear around him. But, well, I was pretty pissed that these little jerks might ruin the experience. I also had to explain what the funny-smelling smoke was coming from behind us.

The only photo I got of the screen...didn't turn out so well, but that's Mr. Bowie:

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