July 15, 2008

Daniel is going to cook dinner for me.

Well, actually, he's going to cook it for me, Kort, and Jason on Friday night...but we'll say it's just for me. He's asking me what kind of food I like, what I want him to make. I told him I'm open for anything, but spicy food makes me sick for days.

Um, his specialty is cajun food.

He assured me that he can make it non-spicy. However, one thing I've learned is that people from Louisiana have no sense of spiciness. Celeste once took me to a cajun restaurant and ordered my food, assuring me it wasn't spicy. I was sick for a LOOOOOOONG time after that.

Anyways, the point is sometimes I really like that guy...and sometimes I just want to kick him in the nards.

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