July 9, 2008

Daniel and I had an argument

Last night, I took my sister to the airport and headed home to work on my apartment. Daniel and I had been texting all day and I mentioned that I was free that night, in case he wanted to come over. He said he was waiting on a package and once it arrived, he would definitely come over. By the time 10:30 rolled around, I texted to see what was up. Found out the "package" was just weed.

I was pissed. Now, I know this is a risk you take when dating a stoner. But for hell's sakes, it was just stupid. When I called him on it, he was initially jerky and lackadaisical. But once he realized that I was genuinely mad, he started freaking out. He asked if he could still come over and I said no. He said that he really likes me and it's hard because he knows I don't want anything serious. He's been confused and feels like he's going crazy lately. He missed me a lot and can't stop thinking about me and that makes him nervous. He's worried that he's too attached to me.

Soooooo...that explains his stupid behavior for the most part (trying to keep distance and acting moody, for example), but I'm worried this will go the way of Richard Ford. I do like him and enjoy being around him...but I'm not about to get into a relationship with him. ::sigh:: Why can't guys just be happy with a casual, fun relationship?

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