June 13, 2008

Why do some people think that having sex with

more than one guy means you don't respect your body?

So, I was chatting with a coworker and we were discussing weekend plans. Along the way, the subject turned to my dating several guys (I swear I didn't start it!) at a time. She said, "It sounds like you're approaching this in a very healthy way...I mean, you're just dating them...it's not like you're sleeping with them." I guess I blushed pretty hardcore, because she figured it out right away.

That turned the discussion to why am I not respecting my body... I explained that it has nothing to do with self-respect. I said it's fun, I enjoy it, and it's not like I'm using it to get a relationship out of a guy or anything. She replied, "But don't you think it would be more special if you only did it with someone you really care for?" Ummm...why?

Now, throughout this, we were cracking jokes and everything, so it's cool...but even a passing cw noted that she sounded awfully judgmental about the issue. I should note that she's single, in her late-30s and is a devout Catholic. Even so, way to press one's views onto another.

I personally don't see the connection between my seeing 2-3 guys at a time and my level of respect for myself (which I actually have plenty of).

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