June 6, 2008

Why do all the guys want a relationship?

Aren't dudes supposed to be the commitment-phobes? The ones who flake out and cheat and play the field? Maybe it's just the guys I'm meeting, but they ALL want a relationship: the Australian, Richard Ford, Hot Justin, _________ (even though he didn't come through), and I get the sense that Rex is a relationship-guy too.

I don't get it. I think I've definitely been more of the man in my dalliances with these guys: I'm less of a talker, don't really share my feelings, don't want commitment.

None of the guys I've dated really know anything about me besides the obvious: have a kid (but then, some of them don't even know this), live outside of Denver, work for some company or another in LoDo, BFF is the ever-present Kortney. Sometimes it makes me sad to think that these guys who seem to care about me don't really even know me.

I just don't want them to know me. I was never like this in the past...I guess divorce just changes people.

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