June 2, 2008

_________ who?

Okay, I'm not *quite* there yet...but I'm definitely getting over him. Thanks in part to.......

Sexy Rex. You guys remember Sexy Rex?

Nom nom nom...he is delicious. And very sweet and funny. Oh, and he has a motorcycle. Yes ma'am. And he's an excellent kisser. And he has the word "Sexy" tattooed on his butt cheek. In his defense (and yes, I will defend him because I like him), his friend was just starting out as a tattoo artist and wanted more practice. He went along with the idea because he thought it was funny.

A guy who gets a quirky tattoo like that gains major kudos in my book, because it shows that they don't take life too seriously.

And if you want more dirt, tune into my upcoming weekend post, because I'll stick it all in there.

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