June 23, 2008

Times like this, I hate the dating world.

The uncertainty drives me nuts.

So, I think Rex blew me off. For weeks, he had been pretty attentive: texting me whenever, replying to my texts right away, calling to hang out, etc. However, he mentioned he was having phone problems, with it cutting on and off. I saw him on Tuesday morning, mentioned my friends and I were going to Film on the Rocks and he should come if he's free. Later that day, he texted to say he had fun seeing me the night before and he wished me a good day. Aaaaaaaaaand that's it. I texted him once on Wednesday to see if he was up for the Red Rocks thing. Nothing. Texted him Friday night, just to see what's up. Nothing.

Soooooo...I'm not going to contact him anymore. Two times without a reply means the ball is in his court. Part of me thinks that maybe his phone finally conked out. I know if my phone died, I'd have no way of getting ahold of anyone. I don't have phone numbers stored anywhere else. But a bigger part of me thinks that he is blowing me off.

Out of who-knows-how-many-guys I've dated or whatever this year, there are only two that I would have remotely considered having a relationship with. But these are the two guys to completely flake out or drop off the face of the planet. Seriously, I'm pretty open to reading signs if a guy isn't into me...but I got no indication from either guy.

I have to wonder if some part of me is just attracted to super-flaky commitment-phobes or something. Well, that's not right because I don't really even want a commitment.

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