June 20, 2008

This makes me feel weird.

So, you all remember how I harassed and harassed Josh about picking up his stuff? I emailed him several times, talked on the phone about it a couple times, even talked to him in person about it. Each time, his response was to keep it or throw it away.

Okay, I've decided to sell his bed, table, dresser, bookshelves, etc. I don't want that shit. That was his from before I even met him. I'm giving away his dishes to Scott.

However, I've decided to keep his game systems (Xbox, playstation, etc.) for Kayden...and I play it too sometimes. But it makes me feel really weird. Like I somehow "took him to the cleaners" in the divorce. I know he won't take it back, so there's really no point to trying. But I just feel weird. Daniel asked why I had so many video games if I don't really play. I just said they were my husband's. It makes me feel dirty. Also, I feel weird about selling his videos or power tools. I've decided to try to get the comic book collection back to his mom...but she won't want the videos and random junk like that.

Ugh. I don't know. I think I just have TOO much of a conscience. I don't want to feel like I'm screwing him over. But I'm also not going to store his shit in my new place, just in case he ever decides he does want it back.

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