June 18, 2008

Sometimes I like boys and hate my job.

Yeah, these are two separate posts in one.

Sometimes boys are jerks and piss me off. Okay, a lot of the time. But sometimes boys are sweet and I remember why I like them. I got these two texts yesterday:

From Rex: "Had fun seeing you last night...hope you're having a good day."

From Daniel (who has been in Lousiana for a week): "I think I kinda miss you. Can I see you tomorrow?" I responded of course, if he ever made it out of Kansas (he was texting from the road). He replied, "I'll make it. Just to see you."

So, yeah.


Sometimes I hate my job. I've gotten used to people walking behind my chair ALLLLLL day long. But sometimes it still bugs me. And it also bugs me sometimes that EVERYONE bosses me around. And gives me the most asinine tasks. And it bugs me because I know (and they know) I'm capable of much more.

However, I just smile and when they say, "Sorry...I just don't have time to do this myself," I always reply, "Don't apologize, it's my job and I'm bored without the work." Even though I hate it, I know this has done wonders for how people view me at work.

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