June 18, 2008

Screaming with frustration.

Stupid Admin is such a moron sometimes!! She's been here for a few months, but still does not understand the littlest concepts.

Strip binding = a thick strip of paper stapled onto the edge of a set of drawings, to make them look "neater"

Wire binding = a wire comb used to bind pages of a proposal or other important documents.

Two VERY different concepts, right? One is for drawings and is not very professional. The other is for proposals and important shit.

She just came up to me saying she needed to strip-bind a proposal. I was like, "Who asked you to strip-bind a proposal? That would look ridiculous..." After pulling some more data from that hollowness she calls her brain, I deduced that what she really needed was wire-binding. She was about to just throw some paper over a proposal and staple it together. ::smacks forehead::

Okay, clearly I'm grumpy and PMSing and this probably makes no sense to you guys...but just know how annoyed I am that she is this stupid.

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