June 3, 2008


In...New Mexico.

That fucking cat is an enigma. I swear to god.

They identified him by the microchip. Someone had brought him to a vet's office to have him neutered (he already was, though) and they are legally obligated to call me. I kind of felt out the situation: were these people really attached to him or what? It sounds like it was a guy that brought him in, but the vet who called me doesn't really know if he's "bonded" with him or was just doing a civil duty and getting him neutered.

So, here's the predicament:

1. I really freakin' love that cat and we have missed him like crazy.

2. I would absolutely pay costs to have him transported here...within reason, of course. I'm not really sure if there even is something like this service, though. I would even consider driving down one weekend to pick him up.

3. However, we have two other cats: Lily and Dodo. I believe two cats is the maximum for the apartment we are likely moving into. If it were up to me, we would get Scar Cat back and find a good home for Lily. Is that shitty or what? Scar Cat was my cat. Dodo is Kayden's cat. And Lily was just to keep Scar Cat company.

4. What if these new owners or whatever are attached to Scar Cat? I feel really bad that they brought him in and may end up have him taken away...I would probably offer them a small cash reward or something for finding him.

I can't emphasize enough how much Kayden and I have missed him. But given the circumstances, should we just let him go?

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