June 20, 2008

Remember the "sex = no self-respect" coworker?

She's the one who told me that I wasn't respecting my body because I slept with several guys.

Anyhow, yesterday I was in the breakroom talking with another coworker, a 60-ish year old sweetheart. We were talking about my house situation and it was a fairly serious discussion. Judgmental Judy walked in and said, "Be careful when talking with Kelli...too much information!" When we looked up, she proceeded to tell Coworker #1 about our entire conversation from last week. To which I replied, "Man, that must have really blown your mind because you can't stop talking about it."

Ummm...now, I'm not going to lie or even get embarassed because I'm sleeping with some hot guys. But seriously, there's a time and a place (and an audience). I don't think this coworker wanted to hear about it.

As it was, Coworker #1 said to Judgemental Judy, "What? Are you jealous? I know I am...I've got cobwebs down there..."

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