June 9, 2008

Post-New Mexico Weekend Roundup

So, after cleaning up and taking care of business at home, I went to my new apartment complex to pick up keys and talk to the electric company. I wandered through the apartment to do a mini-inspection.

Then I headed downtown to meet Kort. We wandered around the People's Fair, which was so cool.

Ran into our friend, Adam:

Then we went to Falling Rock for dinner, shared a salad, and invited some boys out to join us. Sean showed up, then Rex. Nom nom nom. We had a great time and I love that Sean and Rex get along so well.

The next day (Sunday), we woke up bright and early and, after a few sexy delays, went to meet Kort in the park for some breakfast. Once again, I love that Rex is so chill...I told him we always do breakfast in the park, so he just joined along, laying down in the grass with us, chipping in on the conversation and so on. After we ate breakfast, we wandered around the Fair some more. The T-Rex inflatable slide:

When we walked past it, Kort said, "I can see the T-rex's nads!" I thought she said, "I can see Rex's nads" and I immediately looked over at his crotch for confirmation. It was pretty funny.

Then, Rex had to let his dog out so we all trekked back to his place.

I took a little nap with Max while Kort and Rex talked music. Then we all headed back to Denver. I had to pick up Kayden by this point, so I dropped Kort and Rex off at Falling Rock.

I picked up Kayden, took him home to see Scar Cat, then we started moving stuff from our storage shed to the new apartment. It was exhausting and we did about four carloads of stuff. Kayden is SO excited about the new apartment. It's HUGE! After hours of moving, Scott came to pick him up for the night. I kept moving on my own, then went to meet Kort and Krystle for some dinner. After a couple hours, I went back home and went to sleep...to the soothing sounds of fighting cats.

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