June 16, 2008

An old friend.

I met Tori when we were in 7th grade. She, UTBFF, and I were best friends for years. Around 2003, she had made some racist remarks while we were drunk and it led to a spat between us. We didn't talk for about a month. When we did talk, we had a big falling-out. I decided to stop talking to her altogether because she was getting pretty hard into drugs and always had SO much drama going on (going to jail, etc.).

Then, a few nights ago, I happened across her myspace page and just left a brief "How have you been" message. Last night, she texted me and we've been texting back and forth. She said she's been clean for a few years now, has been seeing a nice girl (she had been dating some real crazy bitches for a while there), but has developed a blood infection. She sent pictures of her arm, and it looks horrible. It's covered in open sores and just looks awful. She said she's really worried it might have to be amputated. Scary...

I believe her...especially since she sent the photos. However, I can't help but think, man, drama really does follow her everywhere. Of course, it's not like she CAUSED this infection (unless it was indirectly caused by using needles or something).

Anyhow, it's pretty cool to be back in contact with her.

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