June 9, 2008

New Mexico!

I'm going to break down the weekend post into several because it was so jam-packed.

So, the trip to New Mexico started after Tom's concert. I had had about three large coffees to prepare for the trip...in addition to my earlier caffeine fixes. We started out at my work at midnight.

It was a blast and we sang at the top of our lungs and talked the whole way.

Here are a few key moments from the trip:

- Killing a dumb little bunny and two butterflies. Apparently my car hates cutesy animals.

Mourning the 'bunny foo-foo':

- Attempting to pose in front of the Welcome to New Mexico sign. This presented a problem because 1) it was 3 a.m. and extremely dark and creepy outside, 2) We both wanted to be in the picture, so I set auto-timer, but still managed to mess it up a bunch, 3) El Chupacabra was stalking us and we were really scared. Even so, I still grabbed Kort in the dark and made her nearly pee her pants.

We were a little freaked out whilst standing outside, and ran back into the car after the photos. I said, "I wonder where El Cupacabra lives.." Kort replied, "BEHIND THE NEW MEXICO SIGN!!!" and we both screamed and shivered a little. Nerds.

- We arrived in Rio Rancho, NM at 5:30 a.m.: an hour sooner than MapQuest predicted, and an hour before the vet's clinic opened. Score! First things first, we got some food. we were pretty much delirious by this point...me a little moreso, probably because of the caffeine overload.

We watched the sun rise from the parking lot of a casino:

But the car turned out to not be a very comfortable place to sleep:

- We decided to find a better spot to sleep. But as I started driving, I got pulled over for running a red light. The conversation went like this:

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Kelli: No.

Officer: You turned on a red light.

Kelli: :pause: :waiting for further explanation:

Officer: You didn't see those three large "No Right Turn on Red" signs?

Kelli: No.

Officer: You're from Colorado? Where are you headed?

Kelli: To find some food and then to the animal hospital.

Officer: :pause: The animal hospital?

Kelli: Yeah, my cat is there.

Officer: You know that's a $65 ticket?

Kelli: Really? That sucks.

Officer: Don't do it again. :walks away:

Kort: God, dude...I tried to tell you...

Kelli: Bitch is just lucky I didn't run into him while turning!! He should be thanking me. :drives away in a delirium, nearly causing an accident immediately:

Immidiately following the police contact:

- There is no grass in New Mexico. None. Now, we're used to Colorado which is incredibly green, with tons of parks and open space. So we decided to take a nap before the clinic opened. But there were NO parks, nothing. Finally, we found an lawn at the entrance to a residential neighborhood. So, right below a big "Welcome to Esplanade!" sign, we passed out on the grass and slept for about an hour.

- We finally got to the vet's office at 9:30-ish and picked up Scar Cat:

Cat in hand, we immediately headed back to Colorado:

At one point, we were too distracted by our fabulous conversation to realize the gas tank was on empty. It was a very scary time while we waited for the car (and subsequently, us) to die, since we were in the desert with no towns in sight. Fortunately, we found a random gas station just in the knick of time.

We knew we had hit the state of Colorado, because the land around us immediately turned green:

We got back to Denver around 4:00, showered, did some individual errands and met back up for the night's plans...which is another post.

Oh, when I brought Scar Cat home, he ran into every single room and just walked around in them. Then he ran back to me and snuggled the hell out of my face. I missed that cat so much. The other cats, however, are being little bitches to him. Dodo (who has never met him) has been hissing like a maniac whenever he's around. He doesn't even approach her or anything, but she runs up and hisses at him. Lily saw him and ran full-force to him and started yowling. It honestly looked like she was chewing him out for leaving her. She has since not been seen and I think is brooding in the basement.

I brought Kayden home on Sunday. At first he just walked in and overlooked Scar Cat. Then he did a double-take and yelled, "Pooooooper!!" Then he dropped down and they snuggled like crazy.

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