June 3, 2008

A little more about Hipster Rex

just in case anyone's interested, and because...well...I want to talk about him.

So, I mentioned he's from South Carolina? He just moved her about 4-5 years ago. He still has an accent and pronounces things like "flah" instead of "fly" or "liar" instead of "lawyer".

He owns his condo and rents one room out to a cute little chick.

His dog's name is Max and he jokes that he found him in the sewers of Mexico.

He has a pierced nipple.

He actually has photos hanging in his room of friends and family. I find this really cool since dudes usually don't.

He has ten snowboards and about five times as many clothes as me...but he says he wears the same thing over and over.

Last night he said, "I think everyone's a little self-conscious of their bodies........except maybe you."

Anyhow...I just came from there, so he's kind of fresh on my mind this morning.

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