June 13, 2008

I'm excited for Saturday

There's a big music festival downtown, with a bajillion local bands playing. The best part is that my two favorite local bands (Hot IQs and Paper Bird) are performing there. It's going to be a blast.

I'll be going with Kort (of course) and possibly Sean and.........

Leland. He's going to be my "date" for the event. This is the guy that we met just before the Hot IQs concert a couple weeks ago. We had passed each other in a gas station, made eye contact, and he caught up to us much farther down the road in order to meet us. We ended up having a drink with him and chatting. He's pretty cute and we had a good enough time. Although he seemed really surprised whenever I made him laugh...like he didn't expect that I might be funny. Anyhow, I'm sure there will be photos on Monday.

Leland is a part of my don't-get-too-attached-to-Rex regime. Always a good practice when trying to avoid relationships.

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