June 12, 2008

I may have triple-booked my Friday night

And just found out I'll probably have Kayden instead.

Kort and I met a guy on the street and we talked with him a while. We told him to call me Friday and possibly meet up for a drink. I don't think I'll meet him at all, though. Not that I wouldn't love to spend an hour listening to him talk about my butt. ::rolly eyes::

The guy I met yesterday while walking around also said he would call tomorrow about getting some coffee.

Just texted with a third guy, Leland, who I had met and hung out with a couple weeks ago. He is also wondering if I'm free tomorrow night.

If I do have Kayden after all (if Scott ends up having to work late), I'll just blow them off. However, if I'm free, I think I'll meet up with Contestant #3. He was cute and fairly intelligent.

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