June 16, 2008

I hung out with Rex and his friend last night

First, let me say, I have a huge crush on this guy. I've known him about a month now, and I still catch my breath when I see him. Moreover, I have no urge to see or talk to ________, which is big...since I've been so crazy over him all year long. More-moreover, I'm not even that interested in seeing other guys. The last two guys I slept with, I thought of Rex the whole time.

Anyhow, sooooooo...I hadn't seen Rex for a few days. He invited me over to his house last night. He had mentioned that he was hanging out with a friend, but he would send him home when I got there. I told him not to, that I didn't mind hanging with his friend too. So, I met his friend, Nate. The FIRST thing he says is, "So YOU'RE Kelli...I've heard a lot about you." I couldn't tell if he was just being polite, but the way he said it, I think Rex has been talking about me. Nate said something about Rex liking me a lot but I didn't quite hear that.

I think Nate and I hit it off really well. Neither of us watch tv and were kind of making fun of all the shit that was on (since Rex was watching it). We talked a lot about music and got so into it that we didn't really even notice Rex had left (to walk his dog) until he came back. I made him laugh a few times, we even told the same jokes at the same time, in response to something Rex said.

So, it's really lame, but I kind of feel like if I make a really good impression on his friend, that he'll like me even more. His dog already loves me, so I think that should me some more kudos.

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