June 29, 2008

Friday: decided to go have a drink with coworkers after all. A single drink. Yeah, I didn't believe that either.

So, it was really fun and laid-back, except for the fact that Judgmental Coworker was there. She is the one who got all weird about the dating around thing and then later brought it with another coworker out of the blue. Normally, I get along great with her, but ever since she found out I'm seeing a couple guys, she's really bitchy and short with me.

Anyways, it was really fun until she started getting pissy. At one point, a project manager made a comment that I seemed to have pulled a 180 since last year, that I seem so much happier now. I mentioned the divorce and said, "I've just been having a lot of fun this year..." Judgmental Coworker cut in to say while staring me down, "Well, we can't all have as much as you do...you seem to be having a LOT of fun." Hard to explain why, but I KNEW she was talking about the dudes again and I was certain she was about to bring it up, so I cut her off and changed the subject.

At another point in the hour or two, the same PM was telling us about a fun drinking competition he was in. We asked him how we could start our own team. He said you need three girls and three guys to start. In our little happy hour group were two guys and four girls. I jokingly said, "Let's do it...we'll just have to dress up (Judgmental Coworker) as a guy."

Who knew someone could be so offended by something like that? She flipped out...got very offended. I guess maybe she thought I was saying she's like a guy or something? I didn't mean anything by it, didn't choose her out of the bunch for any reason except that she was sitting by the guys. She wouldn't let it die either, just stayed pissy.

While we were preparing to leave, she made a comment about "rave-dancing." Julie, another coworker who is absolutely awesome, said, "Oh, don't outdate yourself like that." She got pissed, paid her tab, and left. I told Julie I wanted to kiss her.

Saturday: took Kayden to see Wall-E (he LOVED it), did some shopping, bought a new camera, took him to his BFF's house to spend the night. Then I met Kort at the SoCo music festival. Here are the pictures for that:

The Hot IQs:

SoCo Music Festival:

Laying in a patch of grass on top of pavement, in the middle of a parking lot:

About this time, Justin--a 22-year-old student--came and lay down beside me on the grass. We talked a bit and then Kort and I decided to leave for FR. We invited him to come by later. Within 10 minutes, he showed up with a bunch of his cute, young friends.

At Falling Rock:

Peter, Justin, and Frankie:

Trying to work my new camera:

A couple random people, and Jay on the far right:

Jay and Kort:

Now, I knew Justin was into me. However, right away I could see that he was the obnoxious, frat boy type. Also, I hit it off with Jay who was much more my type: quieter, intelligent, interested in conversation and NOT talking about my butt.

I ended up hanging out with them at their place, playing beer pong, talking, and dancing like mad. I met a ton of people and most of them were so fun. Justin ended up pouting and leaving when he realized I wasn't into him. Unfortunately, I stayed up too late (finally went to sleep around 5 a.m. but only slept until about 7 a.m. before leaving), probably drank too much, and gave myself whiplash from the thrash-dancing. Ow ow ow.

Playing beer pong at the boys' house:

And dancing in the basement with Frankie, Peter, and Sean:

Sunday was spent cleaning my old place, hanging with Kort and then Kayden, picking up my new place, and so on.

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