June 16, 2008


I've subconsciously started categorizing men.

This occurred to me the other day. I would consider Leland a C-Lister. Daniel's a B-lister. You-know-who-I-won't-shut-up-about is an A-Lister.

It makes perfect sense in my head though. Given the chance, I'll always choose to hang out with Rex, which makes him an A-list guy. However, if he's not available or if I'm getting too attached, I have a second guy to fall back on...a guy that I don't like quite as much, but still like being around him: the B-list guy. If I'm not sure I'm even going to see a dude again, but probably will if I'm saucy enough or need an emergency date (and neither of the first two guys are free)...well, that would be the C-lister. I think I may even create a D-list category for those guys who have dropped off the radar completely, but if I were to call, would likely be up for hanging out.

I have my own form of dating down to a science, apparently.

::realizes I am completely objectifying men::

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