June 12, 2008

The concert was just so-so last night

We were running pretty late, so we missed most of Doobie Brothers set. What I saw of them, though, was excellent. They sound really good even after all this time. I was disappointed with Chicago's performance: partly because they sounded different and partly because they didn't play any of my favorite songs. Plus, it was super-cold outside. However, Rex sat behind me and kind of wrapped himself around me, so I stayed somewhat warm. Poor guy was wearing shorts, so I know he must have been chilly.

Although we had heard Chicago and Doobie Bros would have a jam session after the concert, we decided to leave. We went to Rex's place, _____________, and went to sleep.

Just a quick note: I really love this dude's little Southern accent. It's adorable. We saw some little bunnies while walking to the concert and he said something like: "Hi-ay little bunnehs! I just want tuh love on 'em..."** and he says things like dohg instead of dog or farred instead of fired. Little things like that.

**Um, except picture this in your mind as being said by a hot guy and not Britney Spears.

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