June 6, 2008

Because I feel it's important...

This will sound cheesy, but I figured out why I’m so happy this year. I’m finally living life. For so long, I just went through the motions: work, school, home, sleep, work, school, home, sleep, etc. And it used to bug me because I felt I was wasting life and not really living.

But now, I am definitely living life. I am too busy to even address the tedious tasks in life, such as laundry. And this makes me inexplicably happy.

To expand on this, I am not saying I am living life because I sleep with dudes or drink now...more than anything, it's because Ido what makes me happy (while balancing the necessary aspects of life, such as work) and I embrace life.

My goal in life is to have fun and be happy. This includes work as a means to having even more fun. But I'm definitely not stressing out about where I'm at career-wise, fixing up my house to make it look better, struggling to gain respect from others (including dressing a certain way), trying to lose weight or look perfect, trying to conform to what other parents are or do, settling down into the mold of a typical American family (including finding a guy and getting married), etc.

So, this is kind of a blabbering post, but I just wanted to get it out. I am so much happier now than I have ever been because so much stuff no longer even matters to me. I feel much freer now.

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