May 22, 2008

Talked to Josh for the first time since February

He was a complete ass on the phone. We discussed some papers that had to be filed. Then I tried to discuss the matter of him taking his stuff. He said he didn't want any of it. I said, "Yes, I understand...but you have stuff here that your family might want: your grandma's afghans, that antique dresser, that Christmas thing your mom made, your pictures..." Then he said rudely, "I. Don't. Want. Any. Of. It."

I told him that if he won't deal with it, I'll call his mom to see if she wants the stuff. He said, "Don't contact my family." I said, "Maybe they want this stuff..." He replied, "If they wanted it, they would have contacted you." I said, "Not if they don't know I have it. How about you talk to them and if they want the stuff, they can contact me?" He finally agreed and hung up.

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