May 5, 2008

Something that bothers me.

At the bar, all the bartenders love me and Kort. When they see us come in, they give us hugs or kiss us on the cheek. They all call us darlin' and sweetie and whatnot. It's great. However, one waiter just started working there again after a hiatus. He doesn't seem to be "in" with the other bartenders just yet. Anyhow, last night, he ended his shift as we came in, so he came and hung out with us. That was really cool, until he started getting really touchy on me and making flirty or sexual comments. It was a little too much and I felt uncomfortable, but um, what do you do in that situation? I just played it down, made sure to not send any signals. After a while, he went and sat down by another bartender and they chatted.

I think the only way to see this through is to just continue to laugh off his advances and hope that he finds out soon that I'm seeing one of his coworkers. I could come right out and say so, but I'm not sure if _____ has told his coworkers. Don't really know how much he wants them to know and I don't think it's my place to tell them.

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