March 26, 2008

So, um, I'm not sure just how much to divulge

Some things got, um, a little wild.

Because Kort was already downtown for Keggs and Eggs, we'll start this weekend post with Friday afternoon: we went to the DMV on my lunch break so I could get a new license. Most fun at the DMV ever. She was drunk, dropped her burrito, we talked a lot...when it was my turn for a photo, I asked if I could wink (no), blow a kiss (no, no flirty gestures at all). When I received a piece of paper verifying my license info (since they just mail the ID to you), I asked if this meant I could get into bars again. I didn't realize I had been so loud until I heard Kort laughing from somewhere in the room.

So, uh...Friday night: Kort and I went downtown, ate dinner at our favorite nacho place, talked, shared a Long-Island iced tea, flirted with the bartender, supported a children's charity with a donation, exploited said children's charity, then walked down the pedestrian mall.

On our way back, we ran into our favorite pedi-cabber, Jesse. We asked him for bar suggestions and he took us to Fado's, an Irish pub. We had a drink, wandered around and got acquainted with this bar. We bumped into some guys who told us about an outdoor concert going on right then. So we went and watched the concert (a local band called the Railbenders). Sadly, no one was dancing. ::sigh:: Because that's just depressing (going to a concert and not dancing), Kort and I whooped it up. We danced our asses off and had so much fun that my side hurt from laughing so hard.

After an hour-ish, we left to get some water. We went back to Fado's and got into an incredibly packed line at the bar. At one point, I worried that I had cut in front of some guys, so I asked. One said yes and we joked about getting in a fight, which led to the question of whether one was a lover or a fighter. This somehow led to him giving me a kiss, which led to me kissing him, which led to Kort kissing his friend, which led to him kissing his friend, which led to Kort kissing me, which led to all four of us kissing at the same time (first time for everything, eh?). It was fun. It was freaky. It was a Friday night in Denver.

I think the guys' names were Mike and Shawn, but I can't remember which was which. At some point, we met their friends, Tony and Ben.

Let's skip ahead about an hour to where Tony and I found ourselves friendless and alone in the bar. We hung out and chatted and kissed a bit and chatted some more. This is Tony:

After a while, we met up with Mike (I'm still not sure if this is actually Mike, but for the purposes of this post, we'll assume his name is Mike). Here are Tony and Mike:

We decided to go to Lodo's, which is the bar where Keggs and Eggs was held, and which turns into a dance club at night. Because I was out of cash at this point, the guys paid for the cab, for my drinks, for my cover at the club. Once there, we met up with Shawn and hung out. Mike and I danced for a while and it was a blast. It was the freaky-fun kind of dancing you can only have with someone you're pretty sure is gay. Throughout the night, I danced with Mike, Shawn, and Tony...sometimes all at once. After a couple hours, Tony and I decided to leave but he was drunk and got irritating. He wanted to go back to Fado's to look for his lost jacket. Once there, I ditched him and walked back to my work where I met up with Kortney. Together, we walked around a bit, met some guys, ditched them, and went to IHOP. Then, we went to my house and crashed for the night.

Saturday: after cleaning and running some errands with Kayden (who was dropped off at 9 in the morning), we goofed around and hit a bucket of balls at the range:

Then, his best friend came over and spent the night. We went to the park, then I watched some movies while they played and stayed up too late. It was fun and very mellow.

Sunday: Kayden's friend went home around 2-ish. Richard Ford called with his latest hissy fit and "dumped me" again (LOL) because I wasn't returning his annoying texts. Kayden and I cleaned up again and played and goofed around until about 6 p.m. when his dad picked him up for the night. Soooooooo...yeah, I went downtown. Kort was hanging out at Falling Rock with some coworkers, so I met up with them. That was a lot of fun. Sexy Dave and Bryan were working, so we got a few free drinks. And then ________ called and I decided to go over to his house and ____________ and ___________ and then I went home.

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