May 23, 2008

So many gems when talking with StupidAdmin

1. She mentioned that she and her boyfriend live next door to each other. I said, "really? Did you date before this happened?" She said, no, after. Neither of them believe in living together before marriage. So, they got neighboring apartments instead. I said, "But do'm sorry, that's probably a really impolite question!" She said it was okay and yes, they do have sex...a lot. I apologized and explained that I have no sense of conversational boundaries. She laughed and said it was okay. She then went on talking about how her boyfriend spends the night almost every night.

Soooooooo...they live next door to each other. They have sex. He spends the night all the time. But they won't live together. Instead, they're just each paying rent. I find this really bizarre.

2. She told me about how she royally fucked up. She had to borrow some quarters from him for laundry. He has a coin jar. But instead of getting the quarters out of there, she saw a bunch laying on a shelf and took those instead. She did her laundry with those quarters. I think you can see where this is going.

Those quarters she used? They were uncirculated and part of the whole collection of Denver-minted quarters, four for every state released thus far. It was entire collection, worth a LOT of money. And she took $10 worth of the quarters and did her laundry with them.

I asked her how she was going to make it up to him. She said that she tried to buy a new set on eBay but they were the wrong ones. I told her that wasn't enough. I said she had to tell HIM to find the correct missing coins and send her the link. She could then purchase them for him. On top of that, she had to take him out for a nice dinner. She said, "I thought about sending flowers." I said, " him dinner, offer to replace the missing coins." I then advised her which restaurant to go to.

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