May 10, 2008

Myspace message from a friend.

This guy was one of my BFFs in junior high and high school. We lost touch when I moved away.

Still have the same letters in your name as me. Shit, dude...I miss your ass these days. I wish I would have had the balls to ask you out. I'm single too, but the case is I just wanted to say hi. Give me a number. Nice to see you. I miss the crazy town concert* you spent outside with me. Lets catch up. Later, my old best school friend.

*Had to add that it was a Sugar Ray concert...I would never have seen Crazytown in concert. ::tosses hair::

I replied and at the bottom said, "I wish you would have had the balls to me ask me out too."

I had such a crush on that guy. I used to hang out at his place, like every night. Nothing ever happened though.

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