May 21, 2008

Monolith Festival

A conversation in many parts.

Kelli: Look at the lineup for this Red Rocks concert in September! Among many others: Devotchka, Vampire Weekend, Del tha Funky Homosapien, The Kills, Justice,
Band of Horses, and CSS. Giggity giggity giggity.... tickets for both days are $100. I may do it.

Kortney: Are you really that into all of those bands? $100 is a lot to see a bunch of indie rock artists. This show screams hipster to me.

Kelli: ::throws self onto daybed:: YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!

Kortney: Seriously. Check the concert schedules for the bands you like the most... you can probably get a chance to see each one of them, over the course of the entire summer, for less than $100.

Kelli: But there are, like, a gazillion bands playing. If I like each of those bands, I'm bound to discover some new bands I like in the lineup.

Kortney: Okay... I hear what you're saying.. but I wouldn't spend $100 for that show.

Kelli: Fine. As punishment, I shall lock you in my car and play this hipster music on repeat as loud as the speakers will take it.

Kortney: I like this music. You cannot punish me with music. Not even a little... All I'm saying is that we're able to see a lot of really great bands and discover new music for $7-$20 a pop all summer long.. you're paying $100 to go to the DUNDUNDUUUUNNN *Monolithe Festival* ooohhh.. aren't you progressive?!? I find large high-ticket festival shows pretentious.

Kelli: Are you MOCKING me?! Well, you know what? I was talking to a high-ticket festival show and it told me that it thinks YOU"RE pretentious. So put that in your pipe and I'll smoke it.

Kortney: I'm about to cry because you're actually hanging out with douchey high-priced festival shows... I thought you were better than that.

Kelli: Well, the high-priced festival show is kind of a frienemy, if that makes it any better. Like, I totally dig hanging out with it on occasion...but then it starts to grate on my nerves and sometimes I just get the urge to push it into the mud and tell it to "swim, Ducky, swim!"

Kortney: ...and that is why you're my soulmate.

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