May 30, 2008

I'm the most naive daughter of a drug addict ever.

Note from the Future: this kind of post is the reason I hesitated to post about 2008 for so long. But for whatever reason, I'm posting it anyways.

So, sometime in the last month or two (I seriously have no concept of time this year), I swung by my friend Ronny's apartment to get some weed. He gave me a bud and then he loaded his pipe. I figured I may as well smoke some for free with him. Plus he had his shirt off and I was really disoriented.

We smoked the weed. Then he said, "Do you want to smoke some opium?" I had heard of opium before, but didn't know anything about it really. So I said, "Ummm...what does it do?" He replied, "It's just like weed." I said, "I have to work tomorrow...does it have lingering effects or anything?" He said, "No, it's seriously just like weed...except that it tastes like flowers."!! Okay!!

Let's all pause for a moment to consider this. Me = stupid and not a little naive.

So I smoked it with him. Ummm....can I be the first to say that it is really fucking NOT just like weed? I actually don't remember a chunk of the night, but Kort tells me I was really wild and out of control. (She also tells me that Ronny is a little bitch.)

A couple days later, I was talking to Daniel or someone and he asked if I ever did coke. I said adamantly, "No, I would never do hard drugs." He replied, "Um, didn't you just smoke some opium?" I answered, "Yeah, but that's like weed..." He said, "Um, no...that's like heroin. It's where heroin comes from..." (or something like that).

Derpy derp. I didn't even realize. Jesus.

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