May 2, 2008

I think I sleep-called last night.

I swear to god, my brain goes to sleep at night, but my body keeps on going. It totally does whatever it wants. Or rather, the part of my brain that acts and thinks logically goes to sleep, leaving the rest of the brain awake to concoct images and scenarios that must be dealt with.

So, I had been texting tonight's plans with Daniel until I went to bed at about 10 p.m. Was completely wiped out. That should be the end, no?

No. I woke up this morning and very vaguely remembered a snippet of conversation. Um...but I didn't talk to him...just texted. Then I checked my phone log. Apparently, I called him at 11 p.m. An hour after I fell asleep. I don't really remember anything about the conversation, except that I was trying to explain that I have to be up early on Saturday. No idea what else was said.

Sometimes I want to pop open my brain, take the fucker out, and just kick the shit out of it...maybe even use it as a slimy football for a while.

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