May 12, 2008

I have to end things with Daniel now.

I feel really bad, because he likes me a lot. Plus, it'll get a little weird with Coworker who introduced us.

I will miss him. He is adorable.

But... I got a little pissed at him on Saturday night, so he probably won't be too shocked. He was pretty high and acted kind of disrespectful and snotty. At one point, he said he was hungry. I told him there were chips in my cupboard. He asked me get them for him. I told him to quit being lazy. He asked me to show him where they were and I agreed. Once I stood up, he said, "Well, since you're up anyways, how about you just get them?" Stuff like that.

Also, when I told him it was time to go, he got all huffy and annoyed and didn't even say bye.

He apologized profusely the next day and said he didn't really remember anything. Doesn't matter. I won't allow a guy to treat me like that...especially in my own house.

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