May 5, 2008

I almost killed Stupid Admin just now.

I put Reese's Pieces in the candy jar at the front counter. She walked by and said, "Oh, you put M&Ms in there? Good!" (because, remember, she doesn't like chocolate). I replied, "No, these are the fruit-flavored ones!" (Seriously, she makes it just too easy to mess with her.)

She said, "Really? They're fruit-flavored?" Just as she started to reach for the candy jar, I said, "Nah, they're Reese's Pieces."

She stepped back, gave me a shocked look and said, "I could have died! Those have peanut butter in them! I could have died just now!"

I said, "I told you right away...there was no threat." She replied, "But you could have forgotten! I almost died just then!"

I mock-wiped my forehead and said, "Wow! Then that was a close call." Pretty sure she thinks I'm a totally bitch now.

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