May 28, 2008

As Kelli's World Turns

That'd make the most boring soap these days.

So, um, last I left off ________ never called as he said he would on Monday. I didn't expect him to.

On Tuesday afternoon, I went against my better judgment (which, in my defense, is really rather small and hard to find) and sent him this text:

“You don’t answer the phone, return my calls, or call when you say you will. What exactly should I expect from you?”

I feel kind of immature for resorting to text...but I figure it's one of the few ways to reach him.

Sooooooooooooooo...after I sent it....

He never responded. Of course.

I'll give him until tomorrow or Friday, then I'll try calling. I want to figure this thing out...I'm not going to be left hanging on a limb.

I feel like I'm being a child, but then again, I feel I have good reason...well, most of the time. I'm nearing the end of my rope, though. Actually, I'm pretty much there. I just need to actually get a hold of him to cut the strings.

Hmm...cutting the strings? At the end of my rope? Could I *be* any less original?

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