April 9, 2008

To Keep or Sell the House?

So, I went to the website of my lender, just to see what I could find. They have a page for "getting assistance." Come to find out, they have a bunch of programs and stuff in place for people in my position who suddenly find they can't make their payments. I submitted an application for assistance, so we'll see how this goes. Even if I could get the next couple of months discounted, it would be better than nothing.

Lately, I've been having doubts about whether I want to get rid of my house at all. My biggest reasons for wanting to leave were that I *hated* it and that I couldn't afford it on my own. Well, with Josh gone now, it's a much happier place to be. I don't mind being at home at all. And if I could afford it due to refinancing or something, it might be worth the effort. Here is my pros/cons list, as I see it:

- I own a house, which is pretty cool
- I can do any kind of remodeling/refinishing/painting...that's also pretty cool
- No pet deposits to pay
- Close to Kayden's school
- I only have neighbors on the sides, not on top and bottom too.
- Well, we're already living there...no need to move
- Not wasting money by paying rent
- Has a backyard, albeit a little one

- I hate that Josh knows where I live...I would feel weird about bringing a guy back to my place.
- It's kind of a dumpy little place...not very nice
- Being a homeowner means fixing all the shit that goes wrong
- HOA fees
- No need to deal with a landlord

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