April 9, 2008

"Those jeans don't do you justice."

Once again, I was walking around downtown on my lunch break. Once again, I was approached by a random guy. But this time, he handed me a piece of paper with his company name, his name, his phone number, and their going rate for models. He said, "Those jeans don't do you justice...come down to my store. We're looking for store models..." He gave me the name of his store, asked my first name, asked me to give him a call or stop at his store, and left.

My first thought was that he had insulted my ratty old cords I was wearing and was trying to make a buck by having me stop by there to shop.

My second thought was that this was a clever way of hitting on girls.

I came back to work and googled the store name (it's legit and has been mentioned in the local hipster paper). So, now my third thought is what if this is real. Um, that's a lot of money they're offering...

How bizarre.

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