April 4, 2008

Pride in customer service, eh?

So, I went to my bank yesterday. The teller was on the phone and waved me up to her counter. Didn't say hi or anything, just reached out and took my check. While she was processing it (it was for my auto loan, not a deposit, which she would have discovered sooner if she had asked), I listened in to her conversation. She was apparently complaining to their courier company about one of the couriers... apparently the courier is rude. At one point, she slipped me a piece of paper, asking me to write down my social security number. Seriously, she didn't speak to me once.

The funny part was when she launched into a passionate diatribe about how they put their customers first and how important customer service is to them. I snorted a bit at that. After she processed my payment, she didn't even say good night or anything...just kept talking.

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