April 21, 2008

One thing I love about Denver

This is totally nerdy, but one thing I love is knowing so many people throughout the city and running into them or seeing them wherever I go.

For example, Kort and I have a friend, Jesse the Pedi-Cabber. He's totally cute and whenever we see him, we stop and chat and he sometimes gives us a ride in his cab. Also, Dean the Mountain Man gives me free candy and stuff. We routinely run into people we met randomly on the streets, such as Ronny in Kort's building (we met him before she ever moved into the building) and so on. I saw John the Hippie Guy riding his bike while with Rachel. I saw Jeff the Douchebag Fireman in his firetruck this morning while walking to the office.

I just love this kind of stuff. For being a big city, I sure know a lot of people around town.

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