April 28, 2008

My weekend and the stupid thing I did.

Friday daytime: I took the day off work to run some errands, etc. I got my brazilian (which didn't hurt NEARLY as much as the first time), went to the doctor (have a UTI and kidney infection...plus I had to get some blood work done so they can check my platelet count and test for anemia). The golf thing with ______ fell through because his mom came into town. I was disappointed, but went golfing anyways and had a good time.

Friday: get ready for it............

I didn't go out. Well, I went downtown for some Starbucks and a bit of a walk. Then I took the train to Kort's house. I met a cute hippie named Peter and we discussed Maoism, activism, school, etc. I helped Kort and Ben with their cleaning, then Ben drove me back to my car and I went home and went to bed. Just like that. I was in bed by, like, 11 p.m. Strange, huh?

Saturday: had to get up bright and early (6:30) to get the food to the volunteer event. Spent 13 hours total there. ::exhausted sigh::

Saturday night: went out with Kort. We were both so wiped out and Falling Rock was insanely busy and we just weren't feeling it, so we left. I took Kort home, ______ called, so I went over there. This may warrant a new post.....but I *really* like this guy. This isn't good because in the past he's shown that he's really selfish and set in his ways and somewhat emotionally unavailable. But that night, he was so sweet. We watched a movie, cuddled, goofed around (monkey-toe pinching wars are the best), etc. ::sigh:: Not good at all.

Sunday: left ________'s house, picked up Kayden, relaxed at home for a bit, then we went to the museum with Kort.

Kortney-saurus. Rarr!

Then we all went out for ice cream at a little Greek dive. On the drive home, Kayden passed out, woke up just long enough to drag himself onto the couch and fell back asleep. He had spent the night at his grandparents' house along with all his cousins. Apparently, no one got much sleep.

So, Scott picked him up after work. I went and met up with Daniel (who had been out of town for a week). We went downtown. Without even thinking, we went to Falling Rock. I knew neither _______ nor any of his buddies work on Sundays so I just figured it would be okay. No. As soon as I walked in with Daniel in tow, I saw ________ sitting at the bar. I quickly wheeled around and went to a different bar. But I'm pretty sure he saw me with Daniel. He knows I'm kind of dating around, but it was really shitty and thoughtless of me to bring a dude there to his bar.

Anyhow, we had a blast playing pool and shuffleboard at the other bar, but I was still kind of worrying about _________. He called me around midnight (which sounds bad, but we do that all the time).......but, um, I didn't answer since I was preoccupied at Daniel's house at the time. This is probably a clear sign to _______ that I am dating the dude he saw me with. Now, I don't lie or anything...but I didn't want to broadcast that fact to him that I'm seeing another dude. I'm definitely going to be running damage control as soon as possible. But I'm really worried about how this will pan out.

I've determined that I'm "date-tarded"...I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

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