April 10, 2008

My night was full of awesome.

Soooooooo much awesome.

After leaving work, I met Kelly at Starbucks and we hung out and walked around.

He was totally loving these street performers:

We met up with Kort, got some dinner, chatted a little bit longer, then parted ways. Kort and I got on the bus, rode it into Boulder, and found ourselves in pouring rain. We walked to the theater, stood in line (in the rain) for about a half-hour:

Once inside, we found awesome seats (it was mostly seated...only people standing in the aisles). Instead of an opening band, they showed a BBC documentary about Hugh Everett, a brilliant physicist (and father of Mark Everett...creator of Eels). It basically walked through his life and the theory of parallel universes, which he created:

Coolest. Opening. Band. Ever. It was pretty funny and very well-done. It was especially cool to see hundreds of people under 30 completely entranced by a film about quantum physics.

So, after a brief intermission, Eels came out. Now, Eels is actually just Mark Everett. But over the years, he's had backup bands and whatnot. Well, that night, he only had The Chet. They each played every instrument on stage, always doing a duet. It was amazing. Some songs Everett would play the drums, Chet would play the piano. Or Everett would play the guitar and Chet would play the saw...yes, the saw. They are SO gifted. At one point during my favorite song, Chet was on drums, doing a solo. Everett stood up from the piano, walked over, and took over playing the drums...WITHOUT MISSING A SINGLE BEAT. It was incredible. After he sat down and kept playing, Chet went over to the piano and took up where Everett left off. I have videos of this happening...I'll post them later.

Also, they were HILARIOUS. They talked with the audience, Chet read from Everett's book (Everett said, "It would be totally pretentious for me to read from my own book at a concert.......so Chet will read from it!" LOL!).

::sigh:: I nearly cried at several points, because it was just all so great. The venue was really small and cozy.

Anyhow, after the show, Kort and I walked to the bus station (about a mile away), got on the bus, talked up a storm, and found ourselves back in Denver by 1 a.m. Because we were so hyper still, we went to.................

FALLING ROCK, of course!

_________ was working and hooked us up with drinks. When he was pouring mine, he said, "Kelli, how much have you had to drink tonight?" I replied, "Just one..." And so he dumped A LOT of rum into it.

After a while, a group of really skeevy dudes started really hitting on us. One gave Kort his hotel room number, one started pulling on the hood of my jacket, and so on. Luckily, the bar was closing and the dudes left. However, as Kort and I started to leave, _________ told us to just sit down for a few minutes. We were a little confused at first, but then he told us he didn't want us out there while those dudes were still there. We hadn't even thought of that and were very appreciative to ________ for looking out for us.

So, we left, I took Kort home, __________ called, I turned around, went back to his place, and well, you know.

I got home around 4:30, got up at 7:00. Am dragging a bit today as a result. But I wouldn't take back a single minute of any of it.

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