April 15, 2008

More antics from Annoying Admin

She asked me to show her how to set up the projector. I humored her even though it's SO simple (two cords - one is a power cord, one plugs into the laptop). I honestly can't believe that someone is this ignorant. I think it has to be laziness or something. First, I had her plug the cord into the laptop. Then she picked up the power cord and I told her to plug it in. She picked up the laptop and looked for where the projector power cord might fit into it. Then, she asked if she should plug in the power cord. Um, yes. Then, she looks to me for guidance. I instruct her to press the power button to turn it on. Then, she beckons towards the cupboard doors that cover the projector screen and asks if she should open those. Um, yes. YOu'll want to be able to SEE the screen in order to, you know, project onto it.

I don't think "Annoying" covers this anymore.

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