April 10, 2008

More absurdity

We had a caterer bring in lunch for the admins today and brought cookies for dessert. AA is allergic to peanuts and makes sure to remind us nearly every day. She selected a sugar cookie. She made sure to ask the caterer several times if it was indeed a sugar cookie.

So, while eating, the subject of peanut butter came up. AA reminded us that, being allergic to peanuts, she's never even tasted peanut butter.

Then, she freaked out after tasting her cookie. She passed the cookie to someone else and asked them to taste it and verify that it was indeed a sugar cookie. They did and said, "yes, it is indeed a sugar cookie." She kept freaking out, completely certain it was a peanut butter cookie.

So I asked the obvious question: "But you don't actually know what peanut butter tastes like, right?" That definitely stopped her in her tracks. Finally, she just said, "I just assumed that's what peanut butter tastes like. I guess we'll find out in about 20 minutes if it had peanuts in it..."


The first time I heard her talk in detail about her allergies and dislikes, I was politely interested and sympathetic. But by the 50th time, I got annoyed. And I *may* say such things in her presence like, "Maaaaaaaaan, if I'm going to die anyways, eating peanut butter might be the best way to do it...delicious!!" or "OMG! This pecan-covered chicken breast is absolutely amazing!"

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