April 22, 2008


Honestly, I have a hard time believing I come from this family.

So, my mom called me on Saturday and I talked with her for a while. I explained about getting divorced and about entering the dating world for the first time and whatnot.

Mother of Kelli: ::giddy, giggly voice:: So tell me about the guys you're dating!

Kelli: well, one is from Louisiana...

MOK: ::completely serious tone:: Kelli, PLEASE tell me he's not black.

Kelli: what would it matter if he were?

MOK: well, it only matters if you're happy...but please tell me he's not black.

Kelli: he's not black.

MOK: good.

She then proceeded to talk about how great my future stepdad and how he's Japanese** and she has to eat rice and veggies all the time. I made the mistake of mentioning in passing that I'm dating a guy who is half-Japanese. She immediately said in a dirty, conspiratorial voice, "Aren't those Japanese men just...great?" I knew what she was implying but decided to play dumb so as not to go there with her. "Um, yeah...they're great."

I'm pretty sure she was drunk.

**On a side note, I don't know if he is actually Japanese. My sister said he's Samoan or Polynesian or something. Apparently, my mom gets drunk and calls him a n****r...saying he's closer to it than she is. Wow.

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