April 9, 2008

Kelly the Hippie just stopped by.

He inquired about doing some kind of recycling/sustainability thing with my company, since we're known in the industry for being green. After we talked a little bit about that, he said it was mostly just an excuse to come see me.

I asked what he was doing tonight. He rattled off a list of things he might be doing: yoga, cooking for the homeless, etc. etc. etc. When I mentioned that I'll be downtown until 6:30 and maybe he could meet me for dinner or something, he said he would clear some time up.


Dammit...I just went to the bathroom to assess how I look right now. I look like I was up too late and slept in too late and didn't actually touch my hair and threw on whatever I could find in the dark. <~~~~~~Which is all true. I hate when I bump into someone when I look yucky.

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